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Project Blue, Inc.

Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

Project Blue is a non profit organization dedicated to improving the search and rescue efforts for people in vehicle accidents in remote areas. Existing off road wreckage would be marked with a blue "X" so future aerial and ground searches for missing people can eliminate the time consuming process of distinguishing old wreckage from new.

Our Mission

Project Blue was formed in 2012 after a long and emotional search for a missing loved one brought to light a simple solution that could save lives. Its founders, the immediate family of Jeff Block, were brought together with hundreds of other caring and generous citizens who had but one goal. To search a 6000 square mile area of highway roads where it was thought Jeff may have had an accident.

Fourteen long days later Jeff was found at the bottom of Arizona's Salt River Canyon where he and his dog Blue had met their tragic end after losing control on a treacherous mountain highway. The stories of heroism, love, and the incredible dedication of everyone who came to our aide are numerous. Project Blue is dedicated to Jeff, his dog Blue, and to all who lent a hand; with a special thanks to Robert Cooper's Superstition Search and Rescue team from Apache Junction, Arizona.
Jeff Block
and Blue
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